Fee Schedule

Additional Fees Charged at Inception of the Loan: Depending upon county, a lien fee of either $28.00 or $33.00 for Texas titles. In addition, if you request the company assist with additional processing of your certificate of title (change or add ownership, etc.) you will be responsible for all fees required to be paid to the appropriate government official.

Late Fee: Any payment not paid in full on or before the 10th day after its scheduled due date shall be subject to a late fee not to exceed the greater of 5% of the unpaid amount or $7.50.


Pursuant to Title 5 of the Delaware Administrative Code, Section 2203-1.0., below is an itemization of the charges that we collect from customers:

Annual Percentage Rate: 300%

Fees For Services Rendered: The company collects a lien fee of 55.00 for Delaware titles. If you have a title from a different state you will be charged that state’s lien fee.

Reimbursement For Expenses Incurred: The company may charge court, alternative dispute resolution, or other collection costs incurred by the company as a result of a default by the borrower. In addition, any and all reasonable costs associated with repossession and sale that the company incurs will be added to the borrower’s account, as allowed by law.